To begin with, it is not a secret that blackjack is known to be a casino game, which can boast of a good deal of modifications. Consequently, it is quite logic that all these blackjack variations appear to differ considerably in payouts.

Sure thing, issue concerning blackjack payouts may seem to be puzzling to some extent, especially for a novice. Hopefully, info below will clarify this item a little bit.

Payouts in Different Blackjack Variants

  • If a gambler sticks to playing Single Pack Blackjack, he is likely to be paid 3 to 2, if he happens to obtain a blackjack. Moreover, he will get the payout of 1 to 1 if he simply wins a game.
  • Moreover, it is rather vital to know that some special bonuses are granted to a gambler in Super Fun 21, if he turns out to obtain certain hands. A player may be paid out without requesting any additional bet. Moreover, a gambler will not be able to make use of them, if they happen to double down.
  • Besides, if a casino player is eager to try his hand at Diamonds, he should be aware that a blackjack is paid out 2 to 1 in this modification of blackjack. Furthermore, a hand containing any 6 cards and more and which equals 21 points, is sure to be paid like a blackjack.
  • If a gambler turns out to obtain the so-called "5 Card Trick" in Pontoon, he is sure to get the payout of 2 to 1, even if he happens to split his hand.
  • If a player sticks to playing Bonus Blackjack, he is sure to be provided with some additional payouts for obtaining some winning combinations of cards. For instance, if he happens to obtain Ace and Jack of Spades, he is sure to get the payout of 50 to 1. Moreover, if he turns out to obtain Ace and Jack of identical suit, the payout is 25 to 1. In addition, if a player's hand appears to contain any 2 cards of identical suit, the payout seems to be 5 to 2.