Many gamblers look for bonuses before they can decide on the online casino to play casino online. It is becoming the main criterion for selecting an online casino for most players. In view of that many online casinos try to encourage their existing clients to play casino more and also to get new members by offering various kinds of incentives.

Online casino bonus can be of many types and each of these types has its unique advantages as well as conditions. Before you accept any bonus you should understand the conditions and basic requirements of the bonus.

Bonuses Types

Basically, there are two types of bonuses, namely, sticky bonuses and cashable bonuses.

  • Sticky bonuses refer to the money given to you by the casinos free of charge. When you are given the sticky bonuses, you can make use of them in placing bet. But when you eventually win, you can only withdraw your earnings. But you have to satisfy the condition for the withdrawing of the earning as stipulated by the casinos. You will not withdraw the sticky bonus also. The sticky bonus will go back to the casino when you eventually withdraw your earnings.
  • Cashable bonus can be withdrawn together with the earning if you satisfy the wagering requirements. Usually, for these two types of bonus, the bonus offers are not mentioned by the casinos. To find out about them you have to peruse through the terms and condition governing them.

Different Casino Bonuses

No deposit bonuses as the name implies do not require you to make any deposit before you are given the bonus by the casino. They are given for free by the casinos. The only thing that you are required to do is to have a gambler's account in online casino that provide you with the bonus and then no deposit bonus will be credited to your account automatically. However, in some casinos you have to activate your account through an email confirmation sent to you before your account will be credited with the no deposit bonus. There are also some casinos that can only deposit the no deposit bonus into your account after verifying your credit card.

In some online casinos no deposit bonuses are provided by way of free play. The free play amount will be issue to you immediately you sign up.

There is another type of bonus called welcome bonus or sign up bonus. This bonus is given to new players as incentives by casinos once they sign up with them. However, before you qualify for this bonus your initial deposit has to be up to the minimum amount required for such bonuses.

There are also some weekly or monthly bonuses given to the existing gamblers by online casinos.