As far as craps payouts are concerned, it should be mentioned that they seem to depend on several key factors. Every gambler ought to be aware of them, if he is eager to make the most out of the casino payouts in craps.

First of all, it should be noted that craps payouts turn out to be determined by online gambling houses. Indeed, each casino appears to have its own payout percentage for the winnings.

On the other hand, it must be taken into consideration that craps payouts are known to depend on the kind of wage, which is put by a gambler.

Payouts for Various Wagers

Sure thing, like in roulette, it goes without saying that a player ought to get acquainted with the payout table before starting to play craps. Actually, it should be noted that various wagers happen to have various payouts.

It can be easily explained by the fact the house edge depend on the kind of wager a gambler put. Consequently, if a player happens to place a stake with largest house edge, he is sure to get the largest payout, if he happens to win, of course.

In fact, the largest payout is cashed for a wager on craps 12 and 2. In other words, if a gambler turns out to place a wager on 12 and 2 and win, he is sure be paid out 30 to 1. It is not a surprise, because this wager is known to have 13.89% of the house edge.

Moreover, the second largest payout is known to be cashed for a wager on craps 11 and 3. The payout for it turns out to be 15 to 1, while the house edge of this stake appears to be 11.11.

As far as Pass Line wager is concerned, it can boast of rather low house edge (1.414). On the other hand, the payout for it is not sufficient. It turns out to be 1 to 1.

As for Don't Pass wager, its house edge seems to vary from 2.4 to 4% depending on the number. Consequently, it may be paid out like 5 to 6, 2 to 3 or 1 to 2.