It was in the 1930s when the integration of casinos into movies started with the movie Gambling Lady with Barbara Stanwyck as the major. Casino Royale is the newest movie that incorporates casino into it. It was among James Bond movies series. It stars Daniel Craig who acted as the Agent 007 there.

The List of Casino Movies

  • In 1995 the movie entitled Casino was produced. It was predicated on Larry Shanding and Nicholas Pileggi's book. The major actors in the movies are Robert De Niro who played the role of Sam Ace Rothstein. He was the manager of a casino located in Las Vegas. He managed the casino for the Mafia. He was running the casino secretly with the full support of the mafia. Joe Pesci a character that is played by Nicky Santoro was sent to protect Rothstein by the Mob.
  • Another movie that integrates gambling is Croupier in 1998. In the movie Clive Owen plays the character of Jack Manfred who was working as the dealer in a casino. He was taken in by the gambling world and this brought a problem between him and his girl friend Gina Mckee a character played by Marion. As a writer, he discovered that he will make a novel from his novel.
  • In 1965 another film that incorporates casino was produced. In this film Steve McQueen played the character of Eric the kid Stoner. This film was The Cincinnati Kid and it was all about the gambling competition in five card stud between Eric and Lancey Howard. Slade was a poker player and he was asked to play tricks so that Howard will lose in the contest. Though the movie is an old film but it still integrate casino into it.
  • Another film that is recently acted in which gambling is integrated is The Cooler which is produced in the 2003. It is a special film in the sense that it focuses on a man who does not play gambling but his presence brings ill-luck to those who gamble.